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The farm

Extensive background in growing and cultivating

  • Cannavate holds a license for growing and cultivating in Israel
  • Area:10 dunam in Israel (scalable scalableto 30 )
  • GMP grade, GAP compliant medical production capacities
  • Location: Emek Haela – prime environment for growing
  • Growing potential: 9.8 tons annually

Existing product

  • Dried flowers

Potential future products

  • Pills
  • Oils
  • Cosmetics



The accelerator and R&D platform

The accelerator will work closely with startups for R&D purposes and IT development

The area

  • 100 sqm

The benefits for Cannavate

  • Gathering extensive knowhow
  • Optimizationof the own growing process
  • Extensionof the product pipeline
  • Potential investmentin promising startups

The startups fields

  • Growing equipment startups
  • Agricultural research in other fields


The products

Cannavate offers cannabis products across the whole value chain

The product pipeline

  • Growing lamps
  • Fertilizers
  • IoT products
  • Accessories

Cannavate’s assets

  • Understanding growers needs through gathered data
  • Solution offering forforall grower types
  • Proven production, yield and quality maximization
  • B2Bbusiness model reduces marketing expenses
  • Patents



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